Gestational Surrogate Compensation

Origo Surrogacy’s Philosophy

We advocate an all-inclusive Compensation Package. This means starting on the first of the month following confirmation of heartbeat by ultrasound; Gestational Surrogate will receive their compensation broken down into even payments paid on the 1st of the month, every month until paid in full. This allows our surrogates financial freedom to spend their funds as they see fit versus being required to come out of pocket or get pre-approval for necessary expenses.

Base Pay for a 1st time Surrogate in CA, OR, NV, AZ*

Repeat surrogates will receive a higher base depending on their previous experience.

*To offset additional costs of travel and local monitoring for those candidates outside of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona; we offer a compensation base of $35,000.00.


Monthly Non-Accountable Allowance

$2,400 ($240 per month for a total of 10 months). This allowance can be used for any gas, mileage, parking charges, telephone charges and non-prescription drugs or supplements during surrogacy related appointments after confirmation of heartbeat.


Housekeeping/Child Care

This is a flat rate amount given to surrogates and does not include additional benefits needed while on bed rest or restriction of activities.


Maternity Clothing Allowance

This is intended for maternity clothing for surrogate and is a flat rate amount regardless of carrying singleton or multiples.


Medications Start Fee

Paid to surrogate within 5 business days of starting 1st injectable medication.


Transfer Fee

Paid to surrogate after each embryo transfer and is intended for costs associated with child care, lost wages, and meals during transfer trip. This is not intended for costs of travel. Flight & hotel are paid for separately.


Signing Bonus

We provide a very generous signing of contract bonus once final draft of contract is signed. This bonus is paid to surrogate within 5 business days of attorney receiving a notarized copy and confirming authenticity.


Surrogate Wellness Package

We provide our surrogates with a wellness package. These funds are intended to be used for services such as prenatal massage, acupuncture, doula, meal preparation, or a gym membership to help keep you active.


Medical Screening Allowance

This allowance is intended for covering the transportation and meal costs during your day of travel for your medical screening


Multiples Fee

For carrying multiples.


C-Section Compensation

If treating physician orders in writing that a cesarean section must be performed


Canceled/Mock Cycle


Invasive Procedures

Amniocentesis, Cerciage, D&C (After Embryo Transfer)




Ectopic Pregnancy


Loss of reproductive organ per organ

(fallopian tube or ovary)


Partial/Full Hysterectomy


Bed Rest for employed surrogate

Employed surrogate is due their full amount of net lost wages after 5 days for physician ordered bed rest.

Bed rest for unemployed Surrogate

Unemployed surrogate on physician ordered bed rest is only due additional housekeeping and child care.

Lost wages for Surrogate and Partner

Upon signing of contracts, surrogate and/or surrogates’ partner can receive lost wages for surrogacy related appointments/emergencies