Surrogacy Process Timeline

  • 1


    • Application is completed by the candidate

    • Phone Consultation with Origo’s Representative

    • Request Medical Records

  • 2


    • Evaluation of Medical Records by IVF Clinic

    • Virtual meeting with Gestational Surrogate & Intended Parents

  • 3

    Medical screening

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Medical Screening at the IVF Clinic (Saline Ultrasound, Infectious Disease and Drug Screening)

    • The IVF Clinic issues the medical clearance

  • 4

    Legal process

    • Origo will refer Reproductive Law Attorneys to Gestational Surrogate. Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate will have separate legal representation.

    • The agreement is signed, and Gestational Surrogate is granted legal clearance

  • 5

    Embryo Transfer

    • Medication start

    • Local monitoring appointments

    • Actual embryo transfer day

  • 6


    • First Beta (Blood Test)

    • Second Beta (Blood Test)

    • Heartbeat confirmation (Ultrasound)

  • 7

    Graduation from IVF clinic

    Usually happens around 10-12 weeks’ gestation.

  • 8

    OB Care

    • Gestational Surrogate is released to her choice of OB doctor to begin standard prenatal care.

    • Delivery Day

You have successfully helped grow a family!